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The Ministry of Works, Transport and Public Utilities is directly responsible for policy formulation, planning, design, regulatory, coordination and implementation of programs, and project services relating to public works, shipping, meteorology, transportation and utilities, which are part of the Government infrastructure sector in Fiji.  In addition, the Ministry is also responsible for policy and legislation as well as administrative and regulatory functions of various Government Commercial Statutory Authorities (GCSAs) and Government Commercial Companies (GCCs) under its line and portfolio Minister for Works, Transport and Public Utilities.


In this context, public works includes infrastructure components such as jetties, building, joinery, mechanical, electrical, plant pool, and rural electrification which include solar systems and diesel generators. Similarly, the transport sector covers land and sea transportation as well as Metrological Services.  Transport includes shipping services, and the  land transport industry including vehicles, motorcycles, carriers and buses, and the utilities sector covering water supply, sanitation and energy.


Basically, all these sector entities have been undergoing some form of reform program in recent years to improve efficiency, quality of services and to promote competition, consumer protection and price regulations.  These reforms basically focus on policy reorientation, legislative reform, institutional strengthening, capacity building and good governance.  This inline with the contents of the Road Map of Government as outlined in the official documents, (RDSSED) – 2010 – 2014, as well as the People Charter for Change, Peace and Progress and the Strategic Framework for Change framework.

Ministers Message

Picture18Greetings to everyone from my Ministry.

This is another of my Ministry’s initiatives, the revamping of our official website.  Its content is geared to educate and inform all our readers far and near, on the progress of work being conducted by the Ministry on behalf of government.

It is hoped that you will enjoy the content of our website and find it informative. Since this is the beginning, we do hope we could receive your feedbacks to ensure that we are able to successfully provide to all your satisfaction, interesting and informative reading material.

On this note, we have now reached the end of another year and yes the festive season is fast upon us.

The Ministry has gone through this year with a lot of challenges, achievements, successes and some failures.

No doubt as we started the year, we worked on achieving governments objectives which we reflected in the Ministry Corporate Plan for the year, as well as our Business Plans. Read More