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Fiji Meteorological Services

The Fiji Meteorological Service (FMS) functions as a Department under the Government of Fiji Islands and has the responsibility to provide an essential service to the country. It also serves on a regional scale providing weather forecasting and tropical cyclone warning services to many other countries and a vast area of the tropical South-west Pacific.

The Department has the following major objectives:

  • To satisfy Fijis need for the supply of weather and climate data, archive and analyse this data, and based on this, issue forecasts, warnings and other information as required;
  • To monitor the climate of Fiji and advise on any changes due to global warming and other factors;
  • To provide weather forecast and warning services for other South Pacific Island Nations, as agreed.
  • To function as a Regional Specialized Meteorological Centre (RSMC) for tropical cyclones, under the World Weather Watch Programme of the World Meteorological Organization (WMO).
  • To serve as the aviation Meteorological Watch Authority (MWA) for the Nadi Flight Information Region (FIR) as per ICAO designation.
  • To provide marine forecast and warning services for international waters of the tropical South-west Pacific as per WMO and International Oceanic Commission.

The Department has two main output divisions, namely, the Forecast Services and Climate Services Divisions.There are six support divisions:Computing and Information Systems, Technical Systems, Reporting and Facilities, Services Development, Finance and Administration Division.

Learn more about us at http://www.met.gov.fj/

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