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The Department of Energy with its vision of a sustainable energy sector in Fiji intends to achieve this through providing an enabling environment that will facilitate the provision of a sustainable energy sector in Fiji. This intention was recently pursued through amalgamating the various guiding policies of the sector into a single comprehensive energy policy. The National Energy Policy (NEP) was approved by Cabinet in 2006. The NEP sets out the guidelines or strategic areas that the Energy Sector will focus on during the medium to long term, particularly on work that will be undertaken within the sector. These strategic areas include;

  1. Energy Planning,
  2. Energy Security,
  3. Power Sector and
  4. Renewable Energy

Under these strategic areas Department of Energy is focusing on providing electricity to citizens of Fiji through FEA grid extension and Diesel schemes through the Rural Electrification Unit. In addition to this Department of Energy provides electricity by use of solar energy. The department is also focusing on research and running pilots projects on use of renewable sources of energy such as wave, wind, geo-thermal, Biomass, Hydro and Bio-diesel.

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