New Vacancies
MOIMS 04 (21-22)
Technical Assistant Hydrology
Technical Officer 1 - National Weather Forcasting Centre

Applications must be submitted by 4.00pm Friday, 22 October, 2021

Vacancy Closed
MoIMS 03 (21-22)
Supervisor Electrical - DEW WEST


MoIMS 02 (21-22)
LH - Electrician
Cleaner - Gardener

MoIMS 01 (21-22)
Secretary (DBGA)


MoIMS 09 of 2021
Manager HR and Admin Support
Clerical Officer (Transport)
Clerical Officer (Accounts General)


MoIMS 08 of 2021
Senior Technical Assistant - DWS (Suva)
Fitting Shop Foreman - Divisionl Engineer Works West


MoIMS 07 of 2021
Technical Officer I(HYDROLOGY) - DMET, NADI
Technical Officer II(REDP) - DoE, SUVA
Watchmen - DCS, HQ


MoIMS 06 of 2021
Foreman (Electrical) - (DEW CE - SUVA)
Driver -                         (DEW CE - SUVA)
Landscapper -              (DEW CE - SUVA)
Cleaner -                      (DMET - NADI)


MoIMS 05 of 2021
Clerical Officer - PLANTPOOL (DEW CE-SUVA)
Clerical Officer - LEDGERS (DEW CE-SUVA)

MoIMS 04 of 2021
Leading Hand Electrician RGS (x3) - DECE (VUNISEA / LAKEBA / ROTUMA)

MoIMS 03 of 2021
Principal Accounts Office - Corporate Services (HQ)
Carpenters Assistance - Divisional Engineer Works West (Lautoka)

MoIMS 02 of 2021
Head Driver - Corporate Services
Meteorological Observers -  Fiji Met
Technical Officer - DWS

MoIMS 01 of 2021
Foreman Fittingshop
Principal Engineer
Senior Engineer

MoIMS 21 of 2020
Chief Engineer (Structures) - Dept. of DBGA
Scientific Officer (Hydrology)  - Dept. of Fiji Met Services
Technical Officer II (Hydrology) - Dept. of Fiji Met Services

MoIMS 20 of 2020
Leading Hand Carpenter - Divisional Engineer Works Western

MoIMS 19 of 2020
Principal Scientific Officer - Fiji Met Office
Senior Adminstratvice Officer - Fiji Met Office

MoIMS 18 of 2020
Quantity Serveyor - Dept. of Buildings and Architects (HQ)

MoIMS 17 of 2020
Lab Technician - Dept. of Water
Technical Officer - Dept. of Met
Scientific Officer - Dept. of Met

MoIMS 16 of 2020
Carpenter Assistant - Divisional Engineer Works North
Leading Hand Electrician - Divisional Engineer Works North
Foreman (Tractorshop) - Divisional Engineer Works North
Technical Officer (Sewage) - Department of Water & Sewage (HQ)

MoIMS 15 of 2020
Driver - Divisional Engineer Works Central Eastern

MoIMS 14 of 2020

Scientific Officer
Supervisor High Grade - Electrical
Technical Officer - Solar

MoIMS 13 of 2020

Leading Hand (Carpenter) - (DEW Central Eastern)
Foreman (Buildings) - (DEW Central Eastern)
Foreman (Shipping)   - (DEW North)

MoIM 12 of 2020
Carpenters Assistant
Foreman Buildings (DEW  Central Eastern)
Foreman Buildings (DE WEST)
Foreman Electrical
Foreman Joinery
Leading Hand Carpenter
Painter Assistant
Technical Building Assistant
Clerical Officer Ledger
Clerical Officer - Plantpool
Scientific Officer - Hydrology
Technical Officer II - Hydrology
Senior Geospartial Officer

Job Description
Supervisor Workshop
Reception - CSD

Older Vacancies

Closing Date: Friday 28th February 2020 => View All

Clerical Officer (Ledger)
Clerical Officer (Human Resources)
Clerical Officer - Solar
Principal Engineer Regulatory
Scientific Officer (National Weather Forecasting Centre) 
Technical Assistant (Fitter)
Technician (Refrigeration & Air Condition)
Technical Officer I - QMS
Technical Officer I - Database (Hydrology)
Driver - Department of Energy
Driver - Department of Government Shipping Services


Closing Date: 4:30pm Monday 24th February 2020 => View All

Senior Engineer (Electrical)
Divisional Engineer - Northern
Divisional Engineer - Central / Eastern 


Closing Date: 4:30pm Monday 24th February 2020 => View All

Accounts Officer (FMS)
Administrative Officer (NDMO)
Carpenter (Building Section)
Carpenter Assistant (Building Section)
Chainman (Structures)
Clerical Officer (Payments)
Electrician (Building Section)
Engine Room Watch Rating
Leading Hand Carpenter (Building Section) 
Painter Assistant
Shipping Franchise Observer (SFO)
Supervisor Workshop (Electrical Section)
Technical Officer


Closing Date: 4:30pm Monday 10th February 2020 => View All

Supervisor Higher Grade - Building 
Messenger (Registry)
Engine Room Watch Rating [EWR]


Older Vacancies

Closing Date: 4:30pm Monday 27th January 2020 => View All

Assistant Accounts Officer - Salaries 
Supervisor High Grade - Electrical
Technical Officer – Solar
Clerical Officer - North
Scientific Officer - Hydrology


Older Vacancies

Closing Date: 4:30pm Monday 16th December 2019 => View All

Assistant Cook
Engine Room Watch Rating
Information or Media Officer
Messenger Cleaner - NDMO
Technical Assistant (FITTER)
Deputy Secretary Operations


Older Vacancies

Closing Date: 4:30pm Monday 14th October 2019 => View All

Assistant Accounts Officer
Executive Officer HR
Messenger Shop
Receptionist - CSD
Receptionist - North
Shore Cargo Handler
Storeman (Joinery) - North
Technical Assistant - Estimating
Technical Officer Architect
Technical Officer Higher Grade - Estimating
Technical Officer - Met Office



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